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Monthly Must-Haves: March

Mini Bag Mania

So who else is sick and tired of their purse weighing what feels like 100 lbs.? Introducing the newest (and lightest) fad: the mini bag (or as some call, the camera style bag). It’s no ease pairing down and selecting minimal items to get you through the day but this comes with many perks including a weightless feeling. It’s the new accessory that makes your outfit pop. The best perk of all? It takes up almost no space in your closet so you can stock up on them.

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A few months ago we covered platforms, but this month we’re featuring the latest take on the trend: the flatform. For those of us who are vertically challenged, they give you a stylish lift without sacrificing any details in style or comfort. Talk about the best of both worlds! This trend was first seen on runways from Stella McCartney to Gucci, and have been a staple for celebs like Rihanna and Gigi Hadid ever since. Take your flatforms out for a spin from the catwalk to the crosswalk and you’ll achieve It Girl status in no time.

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Gilded Gold

Everything that glitters is gold…actually everything’s gilded in gold! A sheer overlay here, a sparkle of shine there and gold is everywhere. It’s no wonder the fashion website Gilt is so popular (gilt is the term to describe something that is gilded in gold). The gold leaf overlay creates a textured and dimensionality surface that’s unique in itself. Our favorite is when this is shown on denim which gives it a stylish upgrade that will warrant compliments to pour over. No guilt here, just the trendiest gilt!

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