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Monthly Must-Haves: June


Trying to figure out which color to sport today but can’t decide on just one? We’ll now you don’t have to! Iridescent colors are being reflected on everything from clothing, to shoes, to accessories. This kaleidoscope design is versatile as one color becomes another in the light bringing a mystical glow and vibrant design that’s mesmerizing. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this textile trend is just for the young hearted – we’ve seen several of our 5AM mall walkers sporting walking shoes with a hint of iridescent glow. Here’s where you can get the high-fashion luminous look in street-style prices.

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Revive your handbag with a piece of flare such as a puff (or pom-pom), fringed knot/tassel or a unique purse strape. This small addition is the ultimate way to give your handbag a personal touch and feel. What we love the most about this accessory is the ability to change it up every single day with no hassle. Clip on a faux fur pom for a luxe feel during the evening or switch it up with a large bright fringe for the beach. Add a pop of color to your black bag with a striped strap while still keeping it classy.

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Look what’s making a comeback all the way from your childhood: bows! The bow has gotten a makeover and is now on a sophisticated edgy-couture path ranging from sweet to daper. This coquettish trimming is being seen on more than just hair, from a relaxed, over-sized bow at the neck of a dress or blouse to a sweet simple touch on a pump. Don’t be afraid of this younger, now newer, trend especially when I know you remember how the jellies came back last year. Pull out that old barrette, or even raid your child’s drawers if you have to, because bows are becoming the trimming that tie together an outfit.

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