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Get To Know The Galleria: Sean Lodge, Guest Reception

For this installment of Get To Know The Galleria, we caught up with Sean Lodge, the guest services manager at the Galleria Dallas Guest Reception Center on Level 1. He’s your go-to guy for everything from directions to restaurant recommendations, and it’s almost impossible to stump him when it comes to finding what you need.

SL 1

What originally motivated you to get into the customer service industry?

I started out working in a family-owned restaurant when I was a young man, so you can say I grew up in the customer service industry. I once had an office job but felt unsatisfied and missed the direct interaction with guests. I love the feeling of instant gratification I get from helping people. Seeing their satisfaction becomes your satisfaction, and few things are as instant in that regard as customer service.

What is so rewarding about working in Guest Services?

Well, being surrounded all day by Gucci, Coach and Louis Vuitton isn’t bad, but what I enjoy most is that no two days are alike. Our guests come from near and far to shop with us, and getting to meet so many diverse people in a given day is exciting.

In your opinion, what is Galleria Dallas’ most overlooked or underrated amenity?

I would say it’s the Guest Reception Center itself. We offer the resources most would expect to find, but our services extend beyond that. If a guest needs a tailor or tickets to a local event or needs to know where to get a phone repaired, we can assist them. If they’re from out of town and need directions, we’ll help them get there. If they’re unfamiliar with Dallas and want to know the must-sees, we can show them the way. It’s not just about customer service; it’s about customer relationships.

What is one trait you believe all Galleria Dallas Guest Reception Center employees share?

You have to be the kind of person who enjoys helping others. We are naturally the type of individuals who will look back to see if we need to hold the door for another person before letting it go. We smile at strangers we pass because we genuinely want to see others happy and smiling, too. There’s a true feeling of honor being in the service industry.

Do you have a favorite season in the center?

Christmas is by far my favorite. During the holiday season, our entire team does an amazing job of transforming the center into a winter wonderland, complete with incredible events and decorations. From the four-story Christmas tree to Santa’s Village to the ice skating shows, Galleria Dallas is truly a magical place to be during the holidays.

What are your go-to Galleria Dallas eateries?

The great thing is we have something for everyone’s taste. The Grill On The Alley offers a fantastic 28-day aged steak, and the burgers are freshly ground in-house every day. Nordstrom’s Marketplace Cafe is another great option, with its organic, locally sourced menu. I’m also excited about our newest addition opening this fall, Kabuki Japanese.

What’s the most bizarre question or request you’ve received since working at Galleria Dallas?

I was recently asked if I knew where to get a 10-gallon hat. I didn’t have an answer, so I asked for a little time to find it and eventually did. If we don’t have the answer to a guest’s question, we take as many extra steps as necessary to find it. Just for the record, a 10-gallon hat is typically handmade and must be ordered through a hat maker.

Whether you’re craving a really good steak or a really big hat, Sean Lodge and the team at the Guest Reception Center are happy to help. Thanks for everything you do to keep our guests happy, Sean!

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