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Cosmetic Corner – Morphe Mania

In case you missed the excitement last month, Morphe opened their first store in Dallas right here at Galleria Dallas! Makeup lovers around the Metroplex are rejoicing that they no longer have to wait for their online orders to ship, they can now get instant beauty gratification. For those of you who may not be familiar with this up-and-coming brand, they were founded in 2008 in Los Angeles by makeup artists and beauty influencers. What started with high quality, yet affordable brushes soon became a full line of products featuring everything from eyeshadows to lip colors and everything in between. Check out some of their best-sellers below, and we know we’ll be seeing you in store soon!

Continuous Setting Mist

As every beauty lover knows, your makeup look is only as good as your setting spray. This Continuous Setting Mist will leave you with a radiant finish, and will keep your liquid or powder makeup from fading, caking, or melting. Where other products like this are a a true spray, the fact that this is a mist makes sure you get just the right amount of product on your face and don’t accidentally over-do it.



8W Warm Master Blush Palette

Can’t decide on just one blush you want to try? With this blush palette you’ll have eight new shades to play with to create endless looks. With multiple finishes and a wide range of warm shades, your cheeks will be the talk of the town.



Babe In Paradise

No makeup round up would be complete without at least one highlight. In this case, you get six of them! Whether you like a subtle glow or want cheekbones that glisten to the heavens, you can achieve any look you like with this palette.





The Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette

If you’re even semi-interested in makeup and beauty, you’ve heard of this palette. Beauty influencers the world over regard this palette as their “holy grail” of eyeshadows. With 35 different shades you can keep your looks simple or experiment with dozens of different shadow combinations.





Set 501 – 30 Piece Master Set

You can’t create flawless makeup looks without the right tools, and that is where Morphe truly shines. After all, they did start out as a brush company! This 30 piece set has everything every makeup artist needs, and even comes with a convenient carrying belt for any of you who might dabble in doing makeup on a professional level. There’s even extra space in the belt to accommodate any other brushes you might want to pick up from Morphe.




39A Dare To Create Artistry Palette

Is there anything more frustrating than hitting pan on your favorite transition shade(s) before you’ve even made a dent in the other gorgeous colors? Morphe knows your pain, and created this palette with seven super-sized transition shades and 32 accent shades to make sure the fun never fades.

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