Galleria Dallas Concierge+

Galleria Dallas is excited to introduce a new level of service with CONCIERGE+. While still providing all of the amenities below, we are proud to be offering an extended level of services including curbside pick up, hands-free shopping, bag and luggage storage and more.

Located on Level 1, Center Court, CONCIERGE+ at The Guest Reception Center is open during shopping center hours and can be contacted via text at 972.458.3240 or phone at 972.702.7164.

HANDS-FREE SHOPPING (suspended until further notice)
Need help with your shopping bags? The CONCIERGE+ team will gladly lend a helping hand and meet you to transport and store your items so you can keep on shopping. Text 972.458.3240 or call 972.702.7164 to arrange services.

CURBSIDE PICK UP  – Click here for more info on stores offering curbside pickup
With curbside pick up, shopping is made simple. Make your purchases from Galleria Dallas retailers online, over the phone, or in store and our CONCIERGE+ associates will deliver them curbside. Text 972.458.3240 or call 972.702.7164 to arrange services.

BAG AND LUGGAGE CHECK (suspended until further notice)
No need to lug your luggage all over the mall. Easily check your suitcases or any other items you don’t wish to carry at our Guest Reception Center for the duration of your visit.

Galleria Dallas Gift Cards are available in denominations of $10, $25, $50 and greater at our Guest Reception Center on Level 1 near CenterCourt. The Guest Reception Center currently accepts credit cards as payment for the gift cards.

*Valid at all Galleria Dallas retailers that accept Mastercard®

Although we no longer sell Galleria Gold or Galleria Dallas Gift Certificates, you may exchange these items for a Galleria Dallas Gift Card at the Guest Reception Center, Level 1 near Center Court.

The Guest Reception Center can assist you with copies and faxes for $1-2 per page, and sells both domestic and international postage stamps.

STROLLERS & WHEELCHAIRS (suspended until further notice)
Complimentary strollers and wheelchairs are available at two locations at Galleria Dallas: our Security Office on Level 2, near Gap, or at our Guest Reception Center, Level 1, Center Court. Get in touch with our Concierge+ team prior to your visit and we’ll arrange for assistance in receiving your wheelchair as needed. Text 972.458.3240 or call 972.702.7164 to speak to one of our associates.