Artist Collective

Galleria Dallas has been on a mission to support local artists, makers and community members with a unique voice.

On-Property Artists

The Color Condition


For the love of color, pattern and movement
Level 1, next to Banana Republic
Sunny Sliger and Marianne Newsom are the colorful duo behind The Color Condition, a collaboration merging their shared passions of color, pattern and movement. By experimenting with streamer installations of various fibers and textiles, they’re able to observe how art can be affected by human interaction and environment, such as wind. Their “streams” can consist of table cloths, shower curtains, sequins and tulle.

The Color Condition’s works have been exhibited nationwide, but they call Texas home.




“Do Good, Grow Together.”
Level 1, in front of Zara

Drigo’s modern and colorful work can be seen throughout Dallas and beyond in the form of murals, installations, personal collections, and in galleries. He is a self- taught contemporary painter, and muralist stemming from skateboard culture and graphic design background. His work focuses on meshing ancient culture with current day iconography alongside his primary goal of putting a smile on people’s faces while hoping to influence them to “do good”.

At Galleria Dallas, view his permanent collection of three colorful sculptures in the seating area on Level 1, near Zara.

“This series of work titled “Growing Up”, much like my works on canvas, touches on the concepts of healing and growth. The gradients represent healing; a transfer of energy from dark to light. They represent reaching a higher state of consciousness, thus producing growth. Which is symbolized by the plants flourishing on top.”


Alli K Design

To bridge comfort, creativity and community
Level 3, in front of Old Navy

The seating area in front of Old Navy is a whimsical gathering place anchored by two murals created by noted artist Alli K. Her recognizable black and white artwork can be found on murals around the country. The Dallas-based muralist and author of  two published books, “How to Draw Modern Florals” and “Florals by Hand”, is on a mission to inspire others to create as well.

Daniel Graffin

Wind sculpture
Along the Atrium

Daniel Graffin is a French sculptor, his piece at Galleria Dallas was installed in 2004 . The wind sculpture is a three-dimensional tensile system made of textile elements and stainless steel counterweights. The sculpture, over three hundred meters long. develops a variation of lights and shadows along the vault of the Atrium.