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Monthly Must-Haves: February

Double Down on Double Breasted

It’s time to focus on a style that I’m guessing occupies a relatively small portion of your wardrobe: double-breasted (referred to as the DB going forward). We know that DB is generally seen formal, reserved and somewhat stiff but these flashy forms of armor have now shed some of its layers to fit the culture climate again. It used to be a style that emanated masculinity while adding breadth but now it’s helping smooth out those winter wrinkles and highlight the waist. Time to button up and double-down on double-breasted!

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The Non-Suit Set

Typically the matchy-matchy look is not something that you’d want to strive for, but today we’re saying go for it! The uniformed pant suit will always be there but now it has company with statement sets. We’re talking about diving into denim, gathering gingham and locking down lace with color on color and pattern on pattern. Not to mention, takes the ease out of getting ready in the morning when you’re trying to figure out what to pair with what and anything that can cut down on the morning routine before work is a plus. These non-suit statement sets really are a match made in heaven.

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Crop Flare

It’s the nightmare we all fear: that moment when you slip on your favorite pair of pants and realize that they’ve shrunk so they no longer touch the floor but still too long to be called capri. Don’t panic as we have some good news. This awkward-length pant style – or better known as the crop flare – is enjoying a moment in the spotlight. The heightened hem allows your ankles and shoes to become the star of the show (as if we really needed another excuse to go shoe shopping).

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