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Monthly Must-Haves: July

Cinched Waists

The cinched waist is a transforming trend, but it’s more than just that – it has the power to whittle your waistline without having to go on a diet and turn a-line into hourglass. It makes you feel as if you’re as “impossibly thin” like Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge. One of the great things about this (especially if you’re a native Texan like us) is that it reshapes your silhouette without the suffocating feeling that spanx can give.  It’s an easy way to class up your outfit especially when you’re in a cinch!

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Parisian chic has made its way to the bottom of the wardrobe with the French famed mule. Not only is it expected to be the shoe of 2017, it’s also the easiest and most versatile pair that you should own, especially if you’re an on-the-go gal like most of us. We’re especially highlighting them this month to gear for our 1970’s exhibition Night Fever: Fashions from Funk to Disco, since they have a distinct 70’s vibe to them while still being modern trendy. No need to “mule” it over, just slip them on and see for yourself.

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While this color isn’t necessarily the easiest to wear, paired with the right anchor it can give off a soft warmth glow that won’t let the 100 degree weather phase you. Blush is playful yet sophisticated and isn’t just suited for pastel florals anymore!

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