House Rules

Every patron and visitor must, while on Galleria Dallas property, conduct himself/herself in an orderly fashion, with due respect for the rights of the Owner and Tenants and the rights of other patrons and visitors to peacefully use the Common Areas of the shopping center. Prohibition of specific acts shall not mean that other acts not encompassed by this basic statement are not also prohibited.

Patrons or Visitors in the Common Areas shall not:

  • Violate the law.
  • Participate in any activity that threatens the safety of our guests, tenants, and/or employees.
  • Participate in any activity that threatens the well-being of the property.
  • Participate in any activity that disrupts our pleasant, family oriented shopping environment.
  • Participate in any activity that is inconsistent with the general purpose of the property, which is shopping, dining, or visiting the offices for business purposes. Types of activities which are not allowed include, but are not limited to, solicitation, handbilling, literature distribution, hawking, hollering, loitering, scavenger hunts or any similar activity.
  • Participate in any activity whose nature would tend to disrupt the legitimate business of the property and its tenants.
  • Wear attire that is unsuitable for public viewing, contains obscene language, or is revealing. Exposed under-garments are not permitted.

Galleria Dallas reserves the right to rescind any of these rules and regulations and to make additional rules and regulations as needed for the safety, operation, protection, care and cleanliness of the property.

Guests who do not act responsibly may be asked to leave. If they fail, or refuse to leave the property, they may be arrested and prosecuted for criminal trespass.